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Situated in North India, Himachal Pradesh (Abode of Snow) is surrounded by Jammu & Kashmir on the north; Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh to the south; Uttaranchal to the south east and the Chinese territory of Tibet to the east. The state is mostly covered by the low Shivalik hill range towards the south and the dramatically high trans-Himalayan ranges as you go north. Thus you can proceed from hill-town Dharamsala in the south, at 1700m, to Lahaul-and-Spiti, the northernmost district, at 6500m. This geography and the resultant cool-to-snowy climate, define Himachal's tourist attractions as well; in fact, tourism and apple-growing run the economy of the state. Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, and Parbati are the main rivers.

Himachal Top Destination


Shimla is said as Queen of the hill. It derives its name from Shyamala. Shimla has a great geographical value in India. If we return back to Indian history then we will found that the city was the capital town of India in the time period of British.

They used this place as capital town in summer season and usually they said Shimla as Simla. The weather, environment and the natural beauties are so comfortable throughout the year that you can trip here any time of a year. You can choose it as your honeymoon destination.


Kufri is a charming hill resort at the foothills of Himalayas, positioned at the southern part of Himachal Pradesh 13 kms from Shimla. The picturesque place is branded for its pleasant type of weather and beautiful magnificence. Positioned at an elevation of 2,510 meters in the tiny state of Himachal, Kufri is 13 km away from the Shimla on the National Highway No.22 (NH22). a good number of the vacationers impending to Shimla adore to stopover at this hill station. It is also known as the "winter sports capital" of Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, Kufri is acknowledged for the previous ski incline in the state.


A beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh, nestled in between snowy mountains and thick forests, flanked by the Beas River, Manali is truly a travelers paradise. Situated at an altitude of 1950 meters, Manali offers stunning views of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar range of mountains, which are considered to be the dwelling place of Gods and Goddesses. Legend has it that Manali was founded by an ancient sage Manu whose ark found its resting place here after a great flood. Manali, which literally means "the resting place of Manu" is a popular tourist destination and offers a welcome respite from the heat of the plains during the summer months.


Kullu (1220m) was once known as Kulanthapitha - the end of the habitable world. Beyond rose the forbidding heights of the Greater Himalaya, and by the banks of the shining river Beas lay the fabled Silver Valley. Kullu got its first motorable access only after independence. The long centuries of seclusion have however allowed the area to retain a considerable measures of its traditional charm. Here is the core of an intricate web of numerous valleys, each of which is a visual delight and seems more beautiful than the other.

The Silver Valley has nature's treasures that lie carelessly scattered as flowers. This wealth nestles by every tree in the splendid forests, bursts forth in the blooms and in the fruit of every orchard. Here are riches which cannot be measured and echo down the ages with the words of every myth and ancient legend and glow in the warm smiles of its gentle people. There is pleasure in every step you take in these enchanted valleys and in every gurgle you hear in the clear mountain streams.


Positioned at the apex of Kullu valley, Solang Nullah comprises of giant sloppy lawns. Solang valley is popular for its sports conditions like paragliding, zorbing, parachuting, skating, horse riding etc. during the climate of summer. The valley is around 14 Kms from Manali which possesses a glacier nearby. Blown up by means of wonderful picnic spots, the astounding ski slopes at this juncture are occupied with hectic activities during the month of January and February. The Manali climbing institution gives an exceptional guidance in skiing for the ones who fancy learning. This magnificent consign is also the hub of the yearly wintry weather skiing fiesta. The gorge also grips a shrine of Lord Shiva on the hill top. Traditionally known as the Snow point, Solang Valley is an ideal position for skiing and the 300 meter ski plagiarize is the chief charm of this eye-catching picnic site.


Kangra district obtains its name from Kangra town which was primarily called as Nagarkot in the ancient age. The modern Kangra district was founded on the 1st September, 1972 by the Government of Himachal Pradesh. The people of Kangra district mainly follow the Hindu religions and some other religions (Muslim, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians and Janis) are also followed by few people. Most of the Hindus are Rajputs Brahmins and Scheduled Cast in Kangra district.

Kangra district forest is full of various animals and birds some of them are rare species. The animals that are found in the district are Ghoral, Kakar, Kastura, Aimu, Thar, Samber, Ibex, Blue mountain sheep, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Porcupine, Flying squirrel etc. and the birds that are found in Kangra are Snow cock, Western horned, Pea-cock, Ring dove, Spotted dove, parrot, tawny eagle, green pigeon, pigeon, tits, nut cracker, Pies, Woodpecker, Crow, Himalayan fly catcher etc.


Dharamshala, is located at the Dhauladhar drive and has been accredited as the headqyuarters of Kangra district in the year 1855 bduring the rule of the British Era. It elongates from war commemorative plaque tombstone to Mcleodganj and moves downhill to the basin gorges of the South. The two categorizations ofDharamshala, specifically the upper and lower Dharamshala are legendary for its emerald green calmness of intelligence. Sprint sour your foot at this defrayal and travel around the great quantity of leisure time avenues for instance the renowned coffee shops, snooker tables and what not with the Dharamshala Tourism. The city is overwhelmed beneath the positivity of Tibetan sway and is a conspicuous intermingle of multi distinguished trend.

what is more are the supercilious rise in addition appends corporal to this hilarity and is a excruciating position with the enthralled sounds and tourist attractions of antique Tibet even after encompassing a contemporary point of view. The temples and monasteries here for example Adi Shakti Temple at Naddi, Indru Nag Temple, Masrur (rock cut temple), Namgyal Monastery, Norbulingka Institute and the St. John’s Church etc. stopover at wall these places for sightseeing in Dharamshala which is a dwelling of certainty, harmony and indulgencewith the Tourism in Dharamshala.

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Dalhousie is popularly known as the gateway to ancient Chamba Hill State. Located in the Chamba region of Himachal Pradesh this hill location of Dalhousie is chock-full of allure and embraces enduring reverberation and wraps up in the locale of about 14 sq. km and is fabricated on the renowned five hills - Kathlog, Potreyn, Tehra, Bakrota and Balun. It is a magnet to ample number of tourists throughout the year and also bids diverse experiences at some point in all the seasons. Highlighting the architecture it includes a variety from gothic churches to the ancient Hindu temples. This astounding hill station is nourished and cared in the lap of thriving green pine forests and rabbles the vacationers in quest of safe haven from the sizzling temperature of the plains.

The nourished nature of Dalhousie is positioned at the peak range of Himalayas on the western edge of Dhauladhar hill top. Enclosed in a gorgeous panorama of ice-capped mountains the heavenly place is sited above sea level at an altitude of 6000-9000 ft. The specialty of the state is a bouquet ancient Hindu culture, art, temples, and handicrafts and also Scottish and Victorian architecture which is very rampant since the mid-6th century here in the town.




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